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1. What does FTA mean?
Free To Air which are digitally unencrypted signals that carry a wide variety of channels that are free to pick up with an FTA receiver.

2. What can an FTA receiver do for me?
Many people first decide to look into the mysteries that surround Free To Air and FTA receivers when they get fed up with paying outrageous cable prices. With a satellite dish and FTA receiver you can pick up unencrypted satellite signals from all over the world and watch satellite tv for FREE. This is possible because of the numerous free satellite signal providers. There may be a few more commercials on these channels but at least your not having to pay to watch them.

3.This sounds too good to be true, is this illegal?
No not in any shape or form. The receivers we sell are only capable to pick up Free To Air (unencrypted) signals that require no monthly subscription or payments. The Dish Guy does not provide or condone the use of third party software. Using third party software may be illegal and void your product warranty. Our satellite receivers are designed and intended for 100% legal Free To Air use only. We do not support or condone any signal piracy of any kind. Please ensure that you check your local federal laws in regards to satellite reception and its intended uses.

4. Why dont more people have FTA receivers?
In America, cable has always been a reliable source and the need for an alternative (Free To Air) source has not been as great as it has in other countries. Just recently, people in this country are discovering this option to enhance their current cable or satellite subscription.

5. Other than a satellite and a receiver, what will I need?
You will need an LNB (Low Noise Blocker). This device is the receiving end of the dish. In other words, it is the part that receives and transmits the signal to the satellite through the coax cable and into you TV. You may also need coax cable (satellite rated), a dish motor and a dish cover for when not in use. All these items and more can be purchased through The Dish Guy.

6. Can I use my existing dish to receive FTA?
Yes. There are smaller amounts of FTA channels available using (Circular LNB) 18in DSS dishes; however, you will be missing out on the vast majority of FTA channels available to you. To get the maximum potential out of your FTA receiver, it is recommended you use a 30in or bigger dish, using a Linear type LNBF (satellite eye, Low Noise Block Filter) and a dish motor (diseqc or USAL compatible). All of the receivers we sell are built for, and intended to use these specifications and power outputs. No additional wiring or external power is needed for your dish.
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